Markdown basics.


Headers the line should start with a # for h1 – h6 just increment ##

 ##h2 , ###h3  

and so on.


Wrap the text in _ or single *

 *Italic text*


Use double * to make something bold


Unordered lists

start a line with – and item, dont forget the space between item and – .

 - item 1
 - item 2

Ordered lists

Start a line with a number followed by a dot (1.) and space item name e.g 1. Test

1. item 1  
2. item 3  

Surround the link with < link text here >


Use the following format

“[link name ]”( actual url “Title that will be shown on mouseover”)  
[Link to my site]( "Title text will be show on hover")

Blockquote text

Start a line with > sign everything that follows will be blockquote

Example Blockquote text
Some other stuff


Insert double space and hit enter to start a new lines
This is an example of that

Hard breaks are inserted using normal enter

This is what follows if you hit enter twice you have technically started a new paragraph.


Nearly same as for embedded links just put !in front of the link like so

  ![image alt text](url of the image)  


More examples here Markdown Cheetsheet

Horizontal rule

Three hyphens will make an horizontal rule

- - -  

Code blocks

    console.log("this is some function");  

3/1/2015 5:28:14 PM